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Dear H-Net subscribers and readers,

H-Net is uniquely poised in the online academic world in a way that other sites and outlets simply can't match. It isn't just H-Net's new publishing platform that makes that the case. In the past two years 280 new editors have joined H-Net. That's 280 scholars, researchers,
and teachers who have seen the potential of the H-Net Commons, gotten involved to help develop it, and are providing service to their fields by building resources and developing meaningful content with and for their peers.

Among H-Net's 549 editors, these 280 represent an infusion of new energy and ideas working for the 200,000 subscriptions to H-Net’s 186
networks. All of them see the value in creating resources, moderating discussion, and open access online publishing in a non-profit run by fellow scholars, not at for profit publishers or social networking sites. H-Net editors make a unique contribution to their fields that no one else is in a position to do. They archive materials in organized and easily searchable ways. They publish original material on H-Net, not just re-post pubs from others places. They bring the latest information and updates to an enormous audience of their colleagues.

Thanks to their service, H-Net does what no one else can.

Please support your local editor as well as all the H-Net editors who volunteer their labor and expertise!  Help us keep H-Net free, moderated, and accessible with a tax-deductible gift to H-Net. Click here to make a tax-exempt gift online through a VeriSign-secure site, by postal mail, or by telephone during our business hours, 10-5 weekdays, Eastern time.

Thank you for supporting H-Net!

Patrick Cox

H-Net Vice-President for Networks

Editor, H-Amstdy and H-Material-Culture

These pleas for donations go out to every network on H-Net and I feel a little funny every time I see one appear on a network that has been so quiet for so long. This message in particular is odd as it emphasizes the good work of H-Net editors, then appears on a network that is silent because it has had no editor.

So forget about donating money (unless you really want to) and instead let me use this opportunity to invite you to consider volunteering service to the field instead. H-W-Civ has powerful capabilities ready to be put to work for the field. Discussions, formal and informal publications, teaching resources, research data bases and more are all possible here as text, audio, and video files. What is lacking are the editors, Advisory Board members, contributors, bloggers, book review editors and reviewers the network needs to make it all happen.

Editors are asked to think expansively about what their field of study needs, what contribution to the field this H-Net network can make, and work with fellow editors and our staff to build it. Editors and contributors can also work exclusively on single projects: if there's a resource you'd like to dedicate yourself to, a publishing forum you'd like to create, an issue you'd like to address, collection you'd like to curate, or blog, column or podcast you'd like to write or host, or experimental form you'd like to try out, a space can be made for you here. We have the tools, the support staff, and a long list of subscribers who are waiting to see something.

If you're interested or have questions, please be in touch with me at We can talk about ways to get involved in building a vital resource for the field.


Patrick Cox
H-Net VP for Networks and H-W-Civ Interim Editor