This space is meant for H-Net editors who would like to add visual elements to their networks but do not want to upload those elements to their networks as media. Examples of such elements are the orange buttons on the front page of Editor Resources or the Book Channel subject area buttons that change daily on the Book Channel front page. Images can be uploaded here and “hotlinked” on network pages, and given links so that they can act as buttons. Images uploaded here should not be substantive images that contribute to the scholarly content on your network.


For illustrative purposes,  all the training images you see below have been included using the method described here.

First, upload the image you want to use as media here, the way you would to a network normally. All editors on the Commons have permission to upload images to this space.


Second, navigate to your uploaded image by clicking on All Content here and finding your image in the list. Click the title to be taken to the image. There, right click the image and choose “copy image” from the pop-up menu.



Now that you’ve copied the image, you can paste it into any edit box using ctrl+v (in Windows) or command+v (in OSX). Here, the image shows pasting the previous image into the edit box. If you are having trouble pasting into an edit box, it may be your broswer. Try this alternative if you are having problems.

You can add a link to the image by clicking on the image to highlight it, then clicking the link widget in the edit toolbar.



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