Migration and Translation (Special Issue Open Cultural Studies / De Gruyter)

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Call for Papers
July 31, 2017
Subject Fields: 
Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, Literature, Immigration & Migration History / Studies

Editor: Dr. Hab. Ewa Kołodziejczyk (Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Migration and translation are distant but closely related phenomena that understand migration discursively as mobility of texts, international transfer of knowledge and transformation in the field of cultural literacy.  The migrant’s hybrid status opens up new research areas in relation to: 1). Central European émigré literature before the collapse of communism, 2). writings of post-socialist Central European migrants abroad, 3). literary writings of migrants residing in Central Europe. 

This special issue will focus on the ways in which migrant literatures manage to capture and explore new cultural territories through translation. Suggested topics may include: creation of ethnic enclaves and myths, as alternative structures in which literature is both a channel for and a reflection of communication in the diaspora and beyond; re-narrating native cultures in confrontation with the host country; auto-translations and problems they pose; inscriptions of migrant experiences; translations of migrants’ writings, Central European literature abroad and foreign literature in Central Europe; eco-translatology. 

The special issue also wishes to to take a closer look at forced migrants, called by Mary Gallagher “naked migrants,” and bring research on Central European post-socialist émigré literature with the literary output of arrivals in Central Europe in a common framework of transculturation.

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