H-Texas is Recruiting Editors! Volunteer TODAY!

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Dear Subscribers, H-Texas is recruiting a new editorial team. H-Texas is run by an all-volunteer academic editorial person/team that offers flexible scheduling and opportunities to work collaboratively with people in your field and to design and develop academic projects. Volunteers can apply for one and/or both positions.

Moderators: H-Texas is seeing an Editor to oversee our moderation queue, which features incoming academic announcements, queries, and occasional comments. The duties are typically light in nature, requiring the moderators to log into our network 2-3 times a week to vet messages and decide whether to publish them to our network, ask for revisions, or reject them. The vast majority of messages are routine academic announcements that require only a quick, conscientious read through. In cases where messages do not seem pertinent to our academic audience, the moderators will have access to advice and support from the rest of the H-Net team. The position is one of vital importance to our editorial team and allows scholars to work steadily in the background.

Review Editors: H-Texas is also seeking Review Editors, who will commission and edit reviews of books and other scholarly materials through a formal system managed by our parent non-profit, H-Net. H-Net handles mailings and copy-editing, provides training on editorial best practices, and maintains an internal system for advice and technical support for review editors. Review Editors have discretion, within the bounds of editorial policies, over which books they commission reviews of and who to contact as a reviewer.

Service with an H-Net network like ours can be an excellent way to support scholarship and pedagogy, gain experience and academic connections, and drive the field forward. In line with the guidelines of our parent non-profit, H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences online, our network is an open, moderated forum that makes all of its digital content available for free and is committed to academic and editorial best practices. We are free from spamming, trolling, and narrowly self-promotional behaviors. Our content circulates directly to our subscribers, including hundreds of academic specialists. H-Net provides quick and helpful online training to our editors and sustains an editorial support network. In short, our network represents one of the most reliable, powerful, and open-ended ways to enrich our field of study.  

If you are interested in becoming an Editor, please contact me at lcpowell@actx.edu.