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We’re looking for some new editors to run H-Swahili. I’ve done what I can to hold down the fort since we moved to our new fornat a year and a half ago but we’d like to get the position filled with a team of people who know the field much better than I.

Hopefully you have noticed the recent overhaul to H-Swahili and to all of H-Net. It’s better organized, better looking, and easier to use. I encourage you to poke around, and also check out H-Net’s main page. The top half of that page contains news from H-Net, and the bottom half collects teacher resources, research resources, CFP’s, and Book Reviews as they are posted across all H-Net Networks.

With this update, H-Swahili is now poised to do what our move several months ago from list serve to the current format was meant to do: be a gathering space for the field and develop and store meaningful content for scholars and others. Like other networks on H-Net, H-Swahili is equipped to host blogs and forums, maintain collections of teaching resources, collaborate with other H-Net Networks, publish book reviews, build archives of resources, and participate in H-Net-wide content development. There are many other opportunities availible for H-Swahili that can include image archives and video. Lexicons, maps, video-ethnography...the sky's the limit.

I’m looking for people interested in using the range of tools available to help build this valuable resource for the field. You need not be tech-savvy—if you have an interest, H-Net will provide the training and support—but I would say tech-comfortable would be good. And ideally, multiple people will apply to form a team of editors: no one is expected to do everything. Editing H-Net networks provides invaluable service to the field and a unique line to your CV. Those who apply will find a blank slate to work with and a ready-made audience already in place.

If you are interested or have questions, contact Patrick Cox at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and we can talk about the position.


Patrick Cox

H-NET Vice-President for Networks

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