H-Net Commons Quick Start Guides #3: Starting a Thread

A series of guides from the H-Net Help Desk to get started using the new H-Net Commons.

#3: Starting a New Discussion

Want to post a query or announcement, or raise a new issue for readers to discuss? - Subscribers can create a new discussion on any of their networks.  Other subscribers can respond.

The World Cup on H-Net

We are happy to introduce the Commons Crossroads, a new kind of network for content delivered from all H-Net Networks around a single topic, representing the intersection of scholarship and thinking from across our many fields. Our first multi-network topic: The World Cup!

CFP II: Special Topic Issue of THE SIMMS REVIEW

Forum:  Simms on the Syllabus

 In conjunction with the upcoming special topic issue of The Simms Review on “Simms’s Circle,” the editor invites contributors to take part in a published forum discussing Simms on the Syllabus.  The forum will feature less-formal, more reflective pieces that discuss Simms as a focus of teaching — his place on the curriculum and in the classroom.  Consider, for example, the following:

 ·         Which Simms texts work particularly well in the classroom…which are difficult to teach?

CFP: Special Topic Issue of THE SIMMS REVIEW

Simms’s Circle

The Simms Review, the peer-reviewed journal of the William Gilmore Simms Society, invites submissions for an upcoming issue on the topic of “Simms’s Circle.”  Most recognized for his prolific output as a writer and editor, Simms also corresponded and otherwise interacted with many of the most influential American belletrists and of his day, as well as his south Carolina family and political associates.  Simms operated in this “circle” as, variously, a friend, peer, fellow pundit, reviewer, rival, mentor, or collaborator.


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