CFP: Region and National Technologies

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Call for Papers for a prospective panel at the Society for the Study of Southern Literature’s Biennial Conference in Boston, March 10-12, 2016

“Region and National Technologies”

Pursuant to SSSL's conference theme “The South in the North,” this panel welcomes proposals for papers that consider the formation and/or manifestation of region in a national context. Considering the U.S. Empire’s ongoing neoliberal and neoimperial operation—both within national boundaries and without—this panel seeks to interrogate the ways that region serves broader national imperatives and/or how the U.S. Empire works to define/reify regional boundaries toward nationalist goals. This panel welcomes projects that engage any U.S. region, and even international regions as they are impacted by U.S. technologies. Proposals may address specific national mechanisms as they manifest in regional spaces; or, regional phenomena as they create, subvert, reify, or confound national constructs; or, any other approach that takes region and nation as dynamically interactive constructs. By November 6, 2015, please submit a 250-word abstract to Stephanie Rountree, President of SSSL’s Emerging Scholars Org., at