CFP II: Special Topic Issue of THE SIMMS REVIEW

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Forum:  Simms on the Syllabus

 In conjunction with the upcoming special topic issue of The Simms Review on “Simms’s Circle,” the editor invites contributors to take part in a published forum discussing Simms on the Syllabus.  The forum will feature less-formal, more reflective pieces that discuss Simms as a focus of teaching — his place on the curriculum and in the classroom.  Consider, for example, the following:

 ·         Which Simms texts work particularly well in the classroom…which are difficult to teach?

·         What works have you taught successfully in the past, or which works do you hope to teach in the future?

·         In what courses is the author’s study essential?

·         In what contexts does Simms best fit on the curriculum?

·         Which authors, genres, movements, or literary periods does Simms pair or converse with the best?

·         What place does Simms have in identity studies, like AfAm, Gender, Queer, Disability, etc.?

·         How does Simms’s work fit with transatlantic studies or (post-)colonialism?

·         Outside of the literature classroom, where should Simms be taught?

 Submissions to the forum should be between 500-1,500 words and should be written in a conversational manner.  Firm conclusions are not required; speculative ruminations and think-pieces will be welcome.  Please send your thoughts to by October 15, 2014 for full consideration for the forum.  Please also feel free to contact the editor, Todd Hagstette, at any time if you would like to discuss a proposed tack or ask any questions about the journal or the special issue.  Thank you.