H-Socialisms Seeks Book Reviewers

H-Socialisms posts book reviews on the history, practices, and relevance of ‘socialisms’, past and present. Socialism has meant many things to many people, and we hope for H-Socialisms to reflect this diversity of perspectives and interests. Book topics include religious and secular millenarianisms, populist upsurges, the traditional foci on social democracy, marxism, and anarchism, the newer independent and autonomous social movements, recent trends regarding the commons and communalization, and much more.

Registraton open: Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960): Ways of Viewing Science and Society

On 9  & 10  June 2016 an interdisciplinary conference will be held at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam, which explores how scholarship, arts and political ideology interacted during the early twentieth century. The goal of the conference is to shed new light on the work of Anton Pannekoek and his contemporaries: scientists and artists that were active in radical politics. Why were radical politics, science and modernism so often closely intertwined perspectives at the turn of the twentieth century?


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