Call for Applications: Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in REVENANT-Revivals of Empire: Nostalgia, Amnesia, Tribulation (ERC Grant # #10100290)

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Dear Colleagues,


I hope that this finds each of you well, despite these difficult, upsetting times. Whether in Ukraine, Syria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Yemen or elsewhere, I hope that the winds of war soon fall completely still.


I am pleased to announce the opening of a call for three doctoral and three postdoctoral positions in my upcoming research group, REVENANT - Revivals of Empire: Nostalgia, Amnesia Tribulation (ERC Grant # #10100290), which will be based at the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka. The official Euraxess CfAs are as follows:


(for doctoral applications)


(for postdoctoral applications)


The due date for the applications is 27 March. Applicants should send their materials to the email address 


The preliminary website for the project is available here: 


Please feel welcome to circulate this widely among any colleagues or students who might be interested in the project. You can also refer potential candidates to me directly.


Thank you for your help in publicizing this--I greatly appreciate it.




Jeremy Walton (