CFP: International Conference: "Utopian Imaginaries: Past, Present and Future" (Madrid, 30 September, 1 and 2 October 2015)

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By announcing the international conference on Utopian Imaginaries past, present, and future (Madrid, 31 september-2 october), we aim to establish a link between the past and the present in which the former may help to understand the sense and the importance of utopia in the modern world and, at the same time, inspire the development of new utopian perspectives. We wish to broaden the scope of and go more deeply into the topics of the first conference on the Utopian Thought held in Madrid in March 2014, creating a space for critical dialogue in which the work of researchers intersects with the presentation of utopian proposals and experiences by social activists. Thus, the call is directed both to researchers interested in utopian imaginaries from the perspective of History and other social and human sciences, and to the spokespeople of movements and experiences who claim a utopian horizon in any country.

We invite the people interested in participating in the conference to send their proposals by 15th of May 2015 to the e-mail address , including title, author and abstract between 250 and 500 words. Next to their name the author/s should indicate the academic institution, organization, movement or community they represent.

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