Third Panelist for ASEEES 2017

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Good morning!

We are looking for a third panelist for a panel on 'migration and the Soviet city' for the 2017 ASEEES convention in Chicago. Simon Belokowsky will present a paper focusing on the integration of young rural workers into the cities of Sumy oblast under Khrushchev. The second panelist, Emily Elliott, will present a paper on temporary labor migration to Moscow in the late 1970s and early 1980s, paying particular attention to experiences in dormitories and integration into Moscow’s social structure. Dr. Lewis Siegelbaum will chair the panel, and Dr. Jeff Sahadeo will be the discussant. Ideally, a third panelist would present a paper on some aspect of migration or cities during the Soviet period, but we are open to a panelist who studies the post-Soviet period as well. Please contact either Simon Belokowsky at or Emily Elliott at