H-Socialisms Seeks Book Reviewers

Gary Roth (he/him) Discussion

H-Socialisms seeks book reviewers on the history, practices, and relevance of ‘socialisms’, past and present. Socialism has meant many things to many people, and we hope for H-Socialisms to reflect this diversity of perspectives and interests. Topics of interest include collective action, religious and secular millenarianisms, populist upsurges, the traditional foci on social democracy, marxism, and anarchism, the newer independent and autonomous social movements, recent trends regarding the commons and communalization, intersectional and identity politics, and much more. The historical context for the emergence of alternative modes of thinking about - and acting within - modern society is a major focus. Other themes emphasize the ideas, theorists and theories, politicians and regimes that have defined socialism in popular perception, with the latter also of keen interest. We welcome a wide range of interests and backgrounds from scholars and non-scholars alike who share our interest in these themes and pursue critically the history, successes and failures, and contemporary status of socialisms past and present.

Sean Cashbaugh, Graeme Pente, Philipp Reick, Gary Roth—Book Review Editors

Send a short CV with your areas of interest garyroth@scarletmail.rutgers.edu