H-Socialisms Seeks Book Review Editors

Gary Roth's picture

Over the past decade, H-Socialisms has reviewed books on the history, practices, and relevance of ‘socialisms’, past and present. Topics have included collective action, religious and secular millenarianisms, populist upsurges, the traditional foci on social democracy, marxism, and anarchism, the newer independent and autonomous social movements, recent trends regarding the commons and communalization, intersectional and identity politics, and much more. Other themes have emphasized the ideas, theorists and theories, politicians and regimes that have defined socialism in popular perception.

We seek book review editors to join a small collective, in which each member will solicit reviewers, match them with books, ask for edits (when needed), and conduct a preliminary copyedit. We anticipate Zoom meetings for perhaps 1-2 hours each month. Such a structure will allow each of us to phase in and out, depending on other commitments.

To discuss this further, contact Gary Roth, Book Review Editor, H-Socialisms, garyroth@scarletmail.rutgers.edu.

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