H-Socialisms Seeks Book Review Editors

Over the past decade, H-Socialisms has reviewed books on the history, practices, and relevance of ‘socialisms’, past and present. Topics have included collective action, religious and secular millenarianisms, populist upsurges, the traditional foci on social democracy, marxism, and anarchism, the newer independent and autonomous social movements, recent trends regarding the commons and communalization, intersectional and identity politics, and much more.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Revolutionary Romances: Into the Cold (13 Oct 2022, Dresden)

Call for Papers

Revolutionary Romances: Into the Cold – Alternative Artistic Trajectories into (Post-)Communist Europe

International Conference, Thursday 13 October 2022
Hybrid event: In person at the Albertinum, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, plus streaming online

Deadline for submissions: 15 May 2022

AKP Online Lecture Series on Progressive and Radical Buddhism in Japan (Shields) - W 4/27

The Associated Kyoto Program is pleased to announce the final lecture of a 4-part virtual series of talks by AKP Visiting Faculty Fellow James Mark Shields (Bucknell University) on Progressive and Radical Buddhist Experiments in Modern Japan. 

For more information on the series, see: https://www.associatedkyotoprogram.org/events/

Register for online attendance here:  https://bit.ly/31YzmS8

Call for Applications: Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in REVENANT-Revivals of Empire: Nostalgia, Amnesia, Tribulation (ERC Grant # #10100290)

Dear Colleagues,


I hope that this finds each of you well, despite these difficult, upsetting times. Whether in Ukraine, Syria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Yemen or elsewhere, I hope that the winds of war soon fall completely still.



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