H-Haiti Resources

In order to have your contribution appear on one of the following project pages, please add the project type exactly as it appears below as a keyword and ask a network editor to add "Resources Tab" as a category (in the Context type) when submitting the post.

Articles and Journals of Interest

     For projects that include lists of professional publications, simply add the Categories Network Projects and Articles and Journals of Interest.


     Bibliographies of all kinds can be found here.  They might include publications in this network's field, specific bibliographies for use in teaching, etc. For projects of this kind, use the Categories Network Projects and Bibliographies.

Conference Notes

     For projects that present reports from the latest conferences, use the Categories Network Projects and Conference Notes.

Cross-Network Projects

     Display any project that was created in collaboration with at least one other Network (such as the World-War-I-Crossroads) by using the Categories Network Projects and Cross-Network Projects.

Discussion Starters

     Posts and content the editors feel will help spark discussion on the Network can be listed here by using the Categories Network Projects and Discussion Starters.

Dissertations and Theses in Progress

     Dissertations and Theses in Progress in this Network's field can be listed here by using the Categories Network Projects and Dissertations and Theses in Progress.

Media Archives and Galleries

     All projects related to displaying media of all kinds (video, images, audio, etc.) can be listed here by using the Categories Network Projects and Media Archives and Galleries.

Newsletters and Roundups

     Periodical informational projects can be found here by using the Categories Network Projects and Newsletters and Roundups.

Professional Development

     Resources related to professionalization can be included here by using the Categories Network Projects and Professional Development.

Research Resources

      Post information about archives, museums, sources, and other research related projects here by using the Categories Network Projects and Research Resources.

Teaching Resources

     Teaching Resources of all kinds can be collected here.  Syllabi, modules, media for classroom use, tips, etc., can be included by using the Categories Network Projects and Teaching Resources.