“Haiti Then and Now” Interviews Professor Laurent Dubois

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“Haiti Then and Now” Interviews Professor Laurent Dubois


Haitian Thinkers in the Public Space: An Interview Series “

“Haiti Then and Now” Interviews Professor Laurent Dubois

Conducted by Dr. Celucien L. Joseph

September 17, 2020

HTN: Tell us about yourself, your background, education, upbringing, connection to Haiti, etc. Who is Dr. Laurent Dubois?

Dr. Laurent Dubois

LD: Laurent Dubois: I was born in Belgium and came to the U.S. at a young age. My parents were scientists who in Bethesda, Maryland, where I grew up in a French-speaking household. My interest in Haiti dates to my time in college, at Princeton University, where I took a class with Barbara Browning in which we read Jacques Roumain and Maya Deren. At the time, I was also taking classes in African-American Studies (notably with Toni Morrison). This was in 1988, when Haitians were blamed for having brought AIDS to the United States, and my first research project focused on understanding the historical roots of anti-Haitianism in the U.S., which brought me back to the U.S. occupation of 1915-1934. At the time, Colin Dayan was a fellow at the Davis Institute at Princeton, and she guided me in this work too. Anthropologist Richard Price was also in residence at Princeton then, and he guided some of my early work. Since then, I have focused most of my work on the Caribbean, both on Haiti and also on Guadeloupe, which was the focus of my senior thesis at Princeton and later of my dissertation at the University of Michigan. There I was able to work with incredible scholars – Ruth Behar, Fernando Coronil, Robin D.G. Kelley, Simon Gikandi, Julius S. Scott, Rebecca Scott, Ann Stoler, and many others – and also was part of a remarkable cohort of graduate students who all really shaped my work and perspectives. I was incredibly lucky to find myself at these various intellectual crossroads!

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