ANN: Postdoctoral fellowship “Contemporary Literary Legacies of Slavery”

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Postdoctoral fellowship “Contemporary Literary Legacies of Slavery”

In connection with the research project Reading Slavery - Comparative Studies of the Literature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade ( at the Department of Comparative Literature, Aarhus University, the School of Communication and Culture invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship (one year). The appointment begins on 1 January 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter
The postdoc project should address questions regarding the imprint of modern slavery (1440-) in contemporary literary culture. Either through contemporary uses of literary representations of slavery in different forms of cultural memory practice, or through contemporary reworkings of historical slavery and its repercussions in contemporary literature. In both cases, the project should reflect on the position and nature of literature and literary representations as memorial practices and their relation to historical slavery. Projects that address questions of comparison between different empires and histories of slavery will be of particular interest.
The successful applicant should have an individual project which is relevant for the collective research project, and is expected to collaborate closely with the other project members. The application should contain a research proposal for the postdoc project, indicating clearly how the project will complement the research agenda of the Reading Slavery project. Descriptions of no more than three pages are invited.
A limited amount of teaching in the department as well as a limited amount of administrative work in relation to the project will be expected. The successful applicant must be willing to be based in Aarhus.
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