Smithsonian Folkways: Sounds of Haiti

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Sounds of Haiti






Some say that Haiti has been in perpetual revolution for 200 years. If so, then that revolution has a soundtrack: one that began with the rattle of the Taino caciques; that invokes healing and fighting spirits with the drums and chants of rada and petwo in Vodou; and that continues to express the appetite for freedom through the sly double meanings (betiz) in the songs of Carnival and rara, the cathartic dance rhythms of konpa and the compelling global edge of mizik rasin (roots music). The music of Haiti is a synthesis of Taino, African, and European music created out of often violent encounters, but has come to reflect great pride in their independent nation.

  7. 1.Azouke Legba (Dans Kanari)3:45More Info
  8. 2.Mesi (Thank You)2:14More Info
  9. 3.Ibo Combo3:43More Info
  10. 4.Notre Dame de 7 Doleurs2:15More Info
  11. 5.Dodinin (Rocking)3:11More Info
  12. 6.Juba5:36More Info
  13. 7.Belle Manman (Meringue)3:58More Info
  14. 8.Bonsoir Dames (Good Night Ladies)1:58More Info
  15. 9.A Tioupoutiou5:12More Info
  16. 10.Balilé (Carnival Music)3:59More Info
  17. 11.Sobo (Guitar Solo)3:05More Info
  18. 12.Soir No. 1, Un - Meringue3:49More Info
  19. 13.Ogou O Wa De Zanj1:46More Info
  20. 14.Ganbos (Bamboo Stamping Tubes and Ogan)2:05More Info

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