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Lectures: General, Planning

Grade Calculator
Created by Ben Eggleston, University of Kansas, this provides a means to do weighted grading


Iowa State University, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

This site has a number of modules on teaching practices, preparing to teach, assessment and more. An added bonus for those moving from TA’ing to applying for teaching positions, it also has modules on preparing a teaching philosophy statement and preparing a teaching portfolio.



How to Create a Syllabus: Advice Guide from the Chronicle of Higher Education

A nice quick and comprehensive guide to writing a new syllabus or revising an old one.



The Focused Classroom- Anne Guarner, Inside Higher Education

Focuses on, well, focusing your students in an age of distraction.



Six ways to discourage learning- Douglas Duncan, American Astronomical Society Education Office
 and Amy Singel Southon, Chicago Botanic Gardens

A nice checklist of very common classroom behaviors that are ineffective (but that many of us are guilty of!)

A Classroom Icebreaker with a Lesson That Lasts - V.A. Freed, Faculty Focus
A nice first day exercise to impact students on how they learn

Teaching Tips- University of Honolulu Community College
A massive number of teaching tips, from first day/month activities, to structuring lesson plans.

Making Office Hours Matter- Megan Condis, InsideHigherEd
You have to be there, so here’s how to get the student’s in the door to visit!


Activity-based learning

ABL Connect- Harvard, Yale, Cornell, MassBay, MIT
An online activity based learning site has both techniques and activities that foster student interaction.

Active Learning for the College – Cal State Los Angeles, Donald R. Paulson and Jennifer L. Faust
Although this comes from the Chemistry and Biochemistry departments, there are a myriad of great activities that can be used in humanities courses.

Interactive Classroom Activities/Techniques- University of Central Florida
A pdf with over a hundred activities for interactive learning and review

Interactive Classroom Activities- Brown University
A list of activities that can be done with large or small groups, and links to examples that can be modified for different disciplines.

Student Engagement Activities-University of Oregon, Jason Schreiner

University of Minnesota Center for Educational Innovation
A nice multi-part on how to construct lectures for the classroom.

Teaching Writing

9 Tools for the Accidental Writing Teacher- Daveena Tauber, ChronicleVitae
Great tips for teaching writing within your discipline

UC Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning
Many links within this excellent site to teaching writing at the university level. Covers exercises, paraphrasing, citations, thesis arguments and more

Writing across the curriculum- University of Waterloo
Many great links to teaching writing, including the ever-important topic of how to manage the paper load of the instructor with added writing assignments.

Getting Them to Read Our Comments- David Gooblar, ChronicleVitae
Part of the Pedagogy Unbound (https://chroniclevitae.com/news/tags/Pedagogy%20Unbound?cid=vem)  series, this contains good suggestions for using the process of writing, rather than just the final grade, to improve students writing.

They Haven’t Done the Reading Again
Prompting the students to read!


Subject specific Teaching Resources

Material Culture

Material Culture Syllabi- H-Material Culture
A goldmine of resources if you are teaching Material Culture, or are using Material Culture in courses (such as museum visits, in Art History)

Twenty Questions to Ask an Object – Debby Andrews


Art History


Twenty Questions to Ask an Object – Debby Andrews

Art History Teaching Resources
The leading Art History teaching site. Contains peer contributions, lesson plans for a variety of subjects, discussions and links to a wide range of courses.

The Met
Object-oriented plans relating to their collection, but a great launch pad for ideas

This site has some good videos to help explain aspects of formal analysis, such as perspective and chiaroscuro. Worth poking around on for ideas and quick videos.

Art history Resources on the Web
Professor Chris Witcombe of the Art department at Sweet Briar College provides a truly extensive list of art history sites, covering all periods and geographic regions of art history. Even in the specialty areas that remain uncovered in standard texts, such as African Art, this site provides hundreds of links in specific areas of African Art.

African Art

Art- H-AfrArt
H-Net network on the expressive cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora..
Discussion and Resources from Dr. Christopher D. Roy
African Art Specific Archive links

Asian Art

Asia for Educators- Columbia University
Includes history and art history resources for teaching.

Latin American Art

H-Latin America
Although many of the art links are broken, the ones still working are quite good!


History – General

American Historical Association
Extensive resources for teaching history, including lesson plans, approaches and links to other educators

World History

H World History
Though under development, the H-World History site does have links to some organizations and materials for teaching world history.

Asian History

A variety of teaching resources from the Asian scholars site

Asia for Educators- Columbia University
Includes history and art history resources for teaching.

Latin American History

H-Latin America
Tons of syllabi on general to country/topic specific subject matter