Looking for hosts for the Workshop for the History of Environment, Agriculture, Technology, and Science (WHEATS)

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 WHEATS is an intensive, cutting-edge conference that brings together graduate students and recent PhDs who study the environment, agriculture, technology or science from a historical perspective.

 WHEATS began in 2004 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then it has been hosted at the University of Western Ontario, the University of Virginia, the University of Georgia, Kansas State University, Mississippi State University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Kansas, the University of Colorado Boulder, Rutgers University, and SUNY Albany. WHEATS 2019 was held at Michigan State University which started as the Michigan Agricultural College. 

There is a detailed handbook for running WHEATS, which will be passed on to the next host institution. It is recommended that there are at least two graduate students and one faculty sponsor interested in organizing. It is a fantastic experience for hosts and participants alike. 

Interested in hosting WHEATS 2020? Contact swayampr@msu.edu


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