Journal of Women's History, Volume 31, No. 1 (Spring 2019) Now Available!

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The editors of the Journal of Women's History are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 31, Number 1 (Spring 2019) of the Journal of Women's History, entitled “Feminist Global Politics, Military Occupation, and the Media, 1900-1970s”

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Setting New Standards: International Feminism and the League of Nations' Inquiry into the Status of Women - Regula Ludi

"Woman's Work": Race, Foreign Missions, and Respectability in the National Training School for Women and Girls - Angela Hornsby-Gutting

Sexual Violence, Masculinity, and Agency in Post-Surrender Japan, 1945 - Robert Kramm

The Adulterer: Censorship, Morality, and Foreign Films in Thailand - Rebecca Townsend

Refashioning Feminism: American Vogue, the Second Wave, and the Transition to Postfeminism - Anna Lebovic

"Is There Love after Liberation?": The Problem of Romantic Love in the World of Ms. in the 1970s - Robin K. Payne

Book Reviews

African American Women and the Carceral State - LaShawn Harris

Gender, Sexuality, and the State in West Africa - Sarah Zimmerman

Ordinary Litigants: Women and Men, Slavery and the Enlightenment in Latin America - Camilla Townsend

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