New H-Grad Resource Blog Post!

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Are you new to H-Net and H-Grad? Have you been a subscriber for awhile, but have yet to figure out how to navigate the H-Net interface or do not know how to get the most out of your H-Grad and other network subscriptions?

H-Grad editor Carlotta Falzone Robinson has compiled a great blog post about navigating and using H-Net. As all the H-Grad editors can attest, H-Net is not always the most user friendly platform --- and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the resources available on the hundreds of available networks. 

We hope the post will help you become a more active H-Net subscriber and aid you in your time as a graduate student and beyond. Visit the blog post at: !


What other questions about H-Net and H-Grad do you have? What else about H-Net and H-Grad do you want/need to know? Reply to this post, reply to the blog post, e-mail the H-Grad editors, or send us a tweet (@hgradlist)

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