Call For Reviewers: H-Empire.

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Apologies for any cross-posting.

H-Empire is seeking scholars to add to their database of reviewers. We'd like to hear from candidates in any level of tertiary education as well as independent and established scholars. H-Empire publishes reviews on all aspects of imperial and colonial studies and are interested in hearing from scholars in any field of research encompassed by these themes.

Reviewer details will be kept on record and when an item for review comes up we shall match it to the expertise of the scholar. We ask that you be willing to be contacted at any time about taking on a review, subject to how often you have agreed to review, and we ask that you  keep H-Empire appraised of any changes in contact details, areas of expertise, qualification and affiliation.

We ask any schoalrs wishing to be added to the reviews database to fill out the following form:

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