Introducing H-Grad Resources

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Introducing: H-Grad Resources


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As editors of H-Grad, we have spent the past year thinking about how to make this page more relevant and useful for our subscribers. In the process, we asked ourselves: What resources would we, as graduate students, find most useful? How can we help our readers navigate the often challenging course of graduate education?


We are excited to announce a new feature of H-Grad--a curated list of resources--tested and utilized by us. We are a cohort of graduate students from different backgrounds and disciplines in the humanities (art history, literature, history) that have come together to share what we have collectively gleaned over the course of our graduate studies.


Starting a graduate program can be daunting. Often, we are in need of independently researching different facets of our scholarly lives. We spend hours of our valuable time searching the Internet for answers and information regarding best teaching practices, funding opportunities, ways to professionalize, etc.


And while all of this information does exist out there on the web, we have taken the time to collate and select the most helpful links to resources in order to facilitate your search. As graduate students ourselves, we know what kind of information was most helpful to us, and direct you to websites that fill those “gaps” we’ve identified in our formal training. These links represent those areas where we independently sought resources to round out our knowledge - and we’d love to pass on this information so that everyone doesn’t have to constantly “reinvent the wheel” so to speak.


Our pages are populated - check out what we have so far! We’ve begun with the broad topics of


  1. Digital Humanities

  2. Writing - Dissertation, Literature Reviews, Proposals, Exams, Articles, and Conferences

  3. Teaching & TA Resources




Coming soon!

    4) Funding


It can be hard to find this information synthesized and in a single place. Hopefully, H-Grad can save you valuable time that you would have had to spend collating this information.


Future Steps:


We’ll be featuring a “link-of-the-month” with a corresponding blog post addressing why we find a given resource useful. So be sure to follow along in order to gain access to and knowledge of some of our favorite resources for graduate students. Tweet and share widely on social media! Our ultimate aim is to create a network of graduate students invested in helping one another to succeed.




What topics would you like to see addressed? What information did you find helpful that you think other graduate students should be aware of or might benefit from? Send us ideas and links to helpful resources! Let us know what you found most useful!


Email us, ( or join in the conversation on Twitter (@hgradlist).


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