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The editors of H-Grad are making some changes to our blogs!

First, to add clarity to the purpose of each of our blogs and more resources for subscribers to H-Grad, we created a new blog called "Reading Lists." This blog will contain sample reading lists for a variety of fields to help graduate students prepare for their comprehensive exams, historigraphical essays, or research projects. Existing reading lists posted under the "Resource Blog" will be relabeled as posts in this new "Reading Lists" blog.

Second, the "Resource Blog" will continue, but focus on specific resources (like software or Apps) that individuals from multiple disciplines, not just history, might find useful. Some posts in the Resource Blog from the past year already reflect this purpose, such as Nathan's post abotu Digital Humanities resources. If you have a digital resource like Trello, StoryMaps, or Scalar that you use, tried and will never use again, or are interested in learning more about please comment on this post, send H-Grad an e-mail (, or tweet us @hgradlist

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