Happy New Year

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Happy New Year from the H-Grad editorial staff!

Along with resolutions to eat healthier, sleep more, and exercise regularly, many of us are also making a vow to read and write more effectively, become better teachers, and pursue new opportunities, such as conferences and academic journal submissions. H-Grad’s site is continually growing, with ideas to help you begin, and follow through on, your resolutions throughout the year.

Our Resources page offers many links to articles, blogs and tools to help you achieve these goals. Following through with our own New Year’s resolution, we have added a Funding resource page, with links to help you write effective proposals for grants and fellowships.

And later this winter, Kara Hisatake and Katie Trostel will post part 2 of their blog, After the PhD , where they provide in-depth insights into professional life after the PhD is completed.

Below are a few links to help jump start the new year:

Writing effectively:

Getting back into writing after a break- Katherine Firth on Research Voodoo
Tips for getting organized and back down to the task of writing

Where do the hours go?- Amy Novotney for American Psychological Association
Graduate students and procrastination experts share their best time-management tips.

How to ... Stay Motivated and Hold Yourself Accountable (A review of the Wordly App)

13 Productivity Apps to Help Keep Your Writing Goals on Track- Jeff Farrell-Vega  “The Write Life”
Now is the time to do your own testing and see if any of these will work for you! Please feel free to post reviews of them if you find them effective, as our editorial staff has not tested or reviewed them.

Applying for a conference, and how to network once you’ve been accepted:

How to write a conference abstract: a five-part plan for pitching your research at almost anything- Catherine Baker

Conference small talk – the definitive guide- Thesis Whisperer
A guide to getting over the awkwardness of talking to the luminaries in your field.

Becoming a better teacher/TA

4 Resolutions for the New Semester- David Gooblar Chronicle Vitae
Great advice on how to do everything better- from listening more carefully to grading more thoughtfully



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