Who We Are

H-Slavery is an academic network managed by an international crew of volunteer editors. We publish content and facilitate moderated discussion using The H-Net Commons, a digital platform developed by our non-profit parent organization, H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online.  This page acknowledges the superb work that our volunteers do on the behalf of the field of slavery studies.

Our staff consists of regular contributors, Network Editors, Review Editors, and our Advisory Board. Amanda McGee runs our Twitter account (@H_Slavery_HNet) and helps moderate announcements and quiries. Alex Tabor runs a series on Confederate monuments and also helps with moderation. Jorge Felipe covers digital projects on slavery. Our Teaching Editors are Norah Gharala and David E. PatersonDavid Prior manages H-Slavery, handles recruitment, and has developed our Topical Guides series. Claus K. Meyer, our longest serving member, and Kathleen Hilliard run our reviews program. On our Advisory Board, Jeff Forret and Kathleen help guide H-Slavery's longterm development.

We also have to thank a long list of alumni who have contributed to H-Slavery over the years. We have had several volunteer editors who help moderate the announcements and queries that move over our main page, including Elise MitchellWillie Mack, and Steve Peraza, who also built our syllabus database. Since 2016 Paula DumasNicola FrithSasha Turner, Renee Wiseman, and Alexi Garrett have helped run our Twitter account. In the past, Nick Sacco offered us a series of updates on Reconstruction’s sesquicentennial. We especially thank Douglas Deal, Robert Forbes, Steven Mintz, and Claus for founding H-Slavery back in 1995.