Topical Guides

H-Slavery's Topical Guides provide critical overviews of research topics in the study of slavery.  Scholars of all ranks interested in writing a topical guide for H-Slavery are welcome to contact Dr. David Prior ( to propose a topic and discuss editorial procedures. Topical guides range from approximately 1,000 to 2,500 words and can address broad or specific subjects. Authors are welcomed to propose topics that overlap modestly with existing topical guides.  

If H-Slavery deems a proposed guide feasible, it then moves through a three-part editorial process: 1) the author submits an intial draft to H-Slavery's editors for a preliminary round of revision; 2) once the editors approve the draft, the author circulates it to H-Slavery's subscribers as a dicussion post for additional feedback; and 3) the author conducts a final round of revision incorporating subscriber feedback, in some cases by referring directly to subscriber comments posted during step 2. This process provides the author with close editorial support and the chance to receive crowd-sourced feedback. H-Slavery can also work with authors to solicit comments from a small number of designated scholars. Authors have the opportunity to update their published guides to incorporate subsequent publications. 

Under Open Review


Completed Topical Guides

Christopher Sawula, Slavery in Revolutionary-Era Connecticut

Cecily Jones, White Women in British Caribbean Plantation Societies

Steve Peraza, Manumission in the Atlantic World

Lisa Nielson, Singing Slave Women in the Medieval Islamic Court

Stephen R. Leccese, Capitalism and Slavery in the United States