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These past few weeks in the Twittersphere, Julia Gaffield explains how Haiti was the first nation to permanently ban slavery and why this matters today in her article published by The Washington Post. Read it here

A statue of Abraham Lincoln with a freed slave appearing to kneel at his feet has been removed from downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more here

City leaders of Huntsville, Alabama, unveiled a new statue of William Hooper Council, a freedman and founder of Alabama A&M University in 1867, in downtown Huntsville. Find out more here

A new episode of New Books Networks hosted by Sharika Crawford features Marjoleine Kars who discusses the story of a massive eighteenth-century slave rebellion in the Dutch colony of Berbice, the subject of her recent publication, Blood on the River. Find the episode here

In his article published by The Scotsman, Martyn McLaughlin highlights a new database, The Dictionary of British Slave Traders, that aims to collate detailed biographies of investors from the 16th century through to the 19th century. Learn more here

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