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These past two weeks in the twittersphere, the Selectboard of Windsor, Vermont, considered plans to rename a street to honor the life and story of Dinah Mason, an enslaved woman held in bondage by a former Vermont Supreme Court Justice. Learn more here


The #SlaveryArchive Book Club, an online book club led by Dr. Ana Lucia Araujo and Dr. Jessica M. Johnson to discuss the history of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, is now available to stream on Youtube. Watch the first episode that discusses Vincent Brown's recent work, Tacky's Revolt, here


After discovering her ancestors held enslaved people, writer Debra Bruno connected with a descendant of those who were enslaved. Published by The Washington Post, her article details her experience and uses her discovery to examine why the myth of the free north continues to endure. Read it here.


Scientists from the consumer genetics company 23andMe have published a DNA study that traces the violent history of American slavery. Learn more here.


Published by CNN, Amir Vera’s article, “Here Are Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know Were Connected to Slavery,” examines how the institution of slavery has marked everything from the US Capitol to alcohol. Read more here.

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