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These past two weeks in the twittersphere, twitterstorians commemorated the Fourth of July with Frederick Douglass' speech, "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?" Find it here

In addition to the manuscript for his Fourth of July speech, family scrapbooks offering a window into Douglass' life were included in a renowned private collection relating to the abolitionist and orator that was recently acquired by Yale. Learn more here

Exploring the relationship between the power of symbolism, currency, and the legacies of slavery, Laura Coates asks why Harriet Tubman is not yet on the twenty dollar bill in her article published by CNN. Read it here

In their article published by The Press and Journal, Graeme Strachan, Scott Begbie, and Gayle Ritchie examine Northeast Scotland's slave trade links and how Fettercairn was at the heart of a slavery empire. Find it here

Jonathan Guthrie explores the economic legacies of slavery in Britain and the growing campaign for reparations from British businesses that benefited from slavery and the slave trade. Learn more here

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