New York state legislature anti-slavery & anti-segregation petitions

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Hi there, does anyone know if there's a database out there of New York anti-slavery and anti-segregation petitions to the state legislature similar to the Massachusetts one hosted by Harvard Dataverse? Or any searchable online database somewhere? Thanks

I don't know of any off the top of my head. Any one else?  

There are hundreds of petitions from the 17th to 19th centuries digitized online from the New York State Archives:

In addition, projects in other states similar to the Harvard one include the Virginia Memory Legislative Petitions Digital Collection (, the St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Freedom Suits Project (, and O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law and Family project ( 

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for your help and tip on the digitized collections at the NY State Archives. I wasn't able to find a specific collection on the Digital Collections website for anti-slavery petitions or petitions in general. The only relevant digitized collection I can find is 'New York State Legislature correspondence and legislative action files' (A1818): However, there seems to be only one document currently digitized and available online in that collection.

Do you know of a specific digitized collection from the NY State Archives that I can look at? I've asked the archives and they aren't able to give me a response right now due to the COVID-19 restrictions. They've suggested that I also ask the NYS Legislative Library.