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These past two weeks in the twittersphere, researchers at Sacred Heart University examine how tartan was used as a tool to control enslaved men and women. Find out more here
The remains of three men discovered in a sixteenth century mass grave uncovered at the San José de los Naturales Royal Hospital in Mexico City, reveal the tragic stories of the earliest enslaved Africans brought to the Americas. Learn more here, here, and here.
Hilary Green examines the importance of digital history projects and how the recent democratization of archival materials has introduced new possibilities for researching African American reunification efforts as an embodied application of Civil War memory. Read more here
A new park in Arlington County, Virginia, will be named after Selina Norris Gray, an enslaved woman who saved historical artifacts. Learn more here.
Similarly, in Huntington Town, New York, officials are taking the recommendations of the town's African-American Historic Designation Council to rename a street after Samuel Ballton, a formerly enslaved man known as the Pickle King. Find out more here
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