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This week in the twittersphere, a new blog post by Beacon Broadside featured an interview with Daina Ramey Berry about the inception of her work, The Price of Their Pound of Flesh, and the lessons that can be learned from it. Find out more here.
Jobie Hill, a preservation architect from Iowa City, has visited and documented over 700 residences believed to be the homes of formerly enslaved African Americans in order to build a database that honors and preserves these spaces. Read more here.
In the “Hidden History of Slavery that Surrounds Us,” Adeel Hassan interviewed Anne C. Bailey about her research into slave auction sites and the importance of democratizing the American landscape. Learn more here.
Descendants, an original series by The Washington Post, explores how African Americans are breaking down the barriers that separate them from their ancestors and reconnecting with a lineage once lost. Find out more here.


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