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In the twittersphere these past two weeks, a local resident of Sandwich, Massachusetts, renewed his efforts to have the gravesite of Joseph Wilson, a formerly enslaved man who fought with the Union Army, recognized as a unique Civil War site. Read more here.


As part of Liverpool’s initiative to recognize its links to slavery, a newly erected sign will link Penny Lane, a street made famous by the Beatles, to the Atlantic slave trade. Learn more here.


Published by Smithsonian Magazine, James Delle’s article, “In 1851, A Maryland Farmer Tried to Kidnap Free Blacks in Pennsylvania. He Wasn’t Expecting the Neighborhood to Fight Back,” details how an archaeological excavation of an empty field yielded clues to a violent uprising that reflected the broader national conflict over slavery and freedom. Find out more here.


Vincent Brown explores how one man’s story offers a new way to understand slave insurrection. Read more here.


Published by Black Perspectives, Tyler Parry offers, “A Meditation on Natural Light and the Use of Fire in United States Slavery.” Find it here



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