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These past two weeks in the twittersphere, Diana Ramey Berry reflects on the life of Isaac, an enslaved man who led a rebellion and died in a final act of defiance, on an episode of The Essay for BBC Sounds. Listen to it here.


Published by The Washington Post, Ben Crump explores how elite colleges might atone for their history with slavery by helping HBCU’s. Read more here


A new University-wide initiative led by Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Dean Tomiko Brown-Nagin will deepen the exploration into Harvard’s historical ties to enslavement. Learn more here and here.


Published by We Are The Mighty, Blake Stilwell explores the life and legacy of Henry O. Flipper, a former enslaved man who became the first African-American graduate from West Point Military Academy. Find out more here.


Puebla Museum’s ‘Africamericanos’ Exhibit explores the different ways that Blackness takes shape throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The exhibit begins with the Afro-Mexican communities that endured enslavement by the Spanish. See more here


Published by ABC News, Mariya Moseley details a new museum dedicated to Harriet Tubman. The displays will consist of unique Underground Railroad items and African American art. Read more here.  

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