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This week in the twittersphere, some historical sites continue to struggle with how to educate tourists on the cruel realities of enslavement. Written by Max Cohen and published by USA Today, "Slavery in America: Some Historical Sites Try to Show the Horrors. Others are Far Behind," explores the changing relationship between the education of slavery and racism and the history tourism industry. Find it here.


Asher Lehrer-Small revisits Brown University's 2006 Slavery and Justice report, which detailed the University's historical relationship to slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, and what progress the University has made since its release. Learn more here.


Published by USA Today, Nichelle Smiths article, "She Was Captured Enslaved and Survived. Meet Angela, the First Named African Woman in Jamestwon," explores the life and legacy of an enslaved woman named Angela and how actress Valarie Gray-Holmes has brought Angelas's story to life once more. Read more here.


Adam McNeil explores black patriotism and black death in the aftermath of the American Revolution in his article published by Black Perspectives. Find it here

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