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This week in the twittersphere, Georgetown University announced its acquisition of a logbook for a slave ship called Mary, which sailed from Providence, Rhode Island to West Africa to Savannah, Georgia in 1795-1796. Georgetown digitized the logbook and has made it accessible online. Find it here

Published by WRCBtv, John Martin explores how an enslaved man named Jacob Cummings liberated himself using Chattanooga’s first railway, transforming it into an extension of the Underground Railroad. Read Martin’s article, “Chattanooga’s First Railroad: The Underground Railroad,” here

The College of William and Mary received a new grant to investigate the legacy of slavery and racism at the university. Learn more here

Published by The New York Times, Rachel Swarns examines the relationship between Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School and slavery in her article, “The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings.” Read it here

Also making the rounds on Twitter this week was a petition submitted in 1862 that provides more details about the enslaved people owned by the Georgetown Visitation nuns. Digitized by Civil War Washington, interested scholars can read the petition, here