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This week in the twittersphere, a three dimensional model of an eighteenth century slave ship has been launched as a new digital teaching tool by Lancaster University. Learn more here.

Published by Connecticut Magazine, Erik Ofgang explores Connecticut’s attempt to confront its past relationship with slavery through the Witness Stones Project in his article, “A Memorial Project is Rediscovering Stories of Slavery in Connecticut.” Find it here

Published by Black Perspectives, Tyler Parry’s “The Curious History of Anthony Johnson: From Captive African to Right-Wing Talking Point,” examines the unique challenges scholars face when combatting historical misinformation in regards to the relationship between indentured servitude and slavery in seventeenth century America. Read more here.

Also this week, the University of Glasgow and the University of the West Indies announced their future partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, a joint program to study the effects of slavery and possible reparations. Learn more here.