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This week in the twittersphere, decades of research by the descendants of a slave owner collaborating with the descendants of slaves culminated in the discovery of the legacy of Maryland’s Sotterley Plantation. Published by The Washington Post, Debra Bruno examines the discovery, the plantation's history, and its plans to host a remembrance day to commemorate those enslaved at the plantation. Learn more here

Published by The Telegraph, Camilla Turner investigates a recent discovery that a mission bell hung at St. Catherine's College, a college of Cambridge, originally came from a slave plantation. Read more here.

Following the discovery of the slave ship Clotilda by Ben Raines and a team from the University of Southern Mississippi last year, questions regarding its protection and preservation continue to be raised. Published by the Los Angeles Times, Raines addresses the future of the Clotilda in his piece, “The Clotilda is the Only American Slave Ship Ever Found. It Needs to be Preserved.” Find it here.

Historians Susan-Mary Grant, Keisha Blain, Tim Stanley, and Erin Stewart Mauldin discuss the enduring legacies of the American Civil War in a “Head to Head” published by History Today. Find it here.

Published by The Daily Project, Ruth Serven Smith explores the University of Virginia’s project to identify and contact the descendants of the enslaved people who lived and worked at the University during its building and founding. Learn more here.