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With the Fourth of July this week, scholars on Twitter explored the relationship between the American Revolution, independence, and slavery. In her article, “The American Counterrevolution,” Joey La Neve DeFrancesco highlights how the enslaved led a simultaneous and often divergent revolution for independence. Learn more here

Liesolette Van De Van investigates the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on the Dutch economy through an examination of Leiden University doctoral student Gerhard de Kok's dissertation, "Walcherse Ketens." Published by PhysOrg, find De Van's article here

Adding to the list of universities addressing their past relationship to slavery, Rice University recently launched a task force to address its segregationist history. Published by the Houston Chronicle, Brittany Britto details the university’s decision in her article, “Rice’s Reckoning." Read it here

Published by Smithsonian Magazine, Kevin Levin explores the integral role of enslaved labor at Gettysburg in his article, “The Diaries Left Behind by Confederate Soldiers Reveal the True Role of Enslaved Labor at Gettysburg.” Find it here.