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This week in the twittersphere, a memorial dedicated to the enslaved people sold at an auction block in front of present day Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, is one step closer to becoming a reality. Designed by Steve Locke, the monument will not only represent the auction block, but it will also outline the shipping route of Peter Faneuil's ships and will be heated to evoke the presence of the enslaved sold there. Read more here.

Published by the Library of Congress and written by Benny Seda-Galarza, “Educated and Enslaved: The Journey of Omar Ibn Said,” tells the story of 37 year-old Muslim scholar Omar Ibn Said, who was captured and sold into slavery in Charleston, South Carolina. Learn more here

Tariro Mzezewa explores how some museums, such as Telfair Museum, are rethinking how they present the pasts behind historic properties to include the stories of the enslaved. Her article, “Enslaved People Lived Here. These Museums Want You To Know,” is here

Published by The Washington Post, Jonathan M. Pitts’ article, “Twice Denied the Freedom he'd Fought for, a Black Revolutionary War Hero from Maryland is Honored at Last,” details the life of former slave James Robinson, who finally received the military honors he ‘d earned two centuries ago. Read more here.