H-Slavery is Recruiting New Publications Editors

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Dear H-Slavery Subscribers,

H-Slavery is seeking to recruit one or more editors who can help our scholarly community track new publications. Teachers and scholars of all ranks and areas of specialization are encouraged to apply. Core tasks involved will include compiling a monthly publications update based on subscriber submissions and helping to catalog bibliographic resources. New publications editors will also be encouraged to conduct interviews (via email) with external scholars about recent works, as fits with the editors’ interests and availability.

H-Slavery operates on a volunteer model that relies on flexible scheduling and regular collaboration. We credit our volunteers for their hard work and aim to keep all labor intellectually and professionally engaging. If interested in joining our team, please email me before June 3rd at editorial-slavery@mail.h-net.org with a C.V. and approximately 200 words about your areas of scholarly interest and, briefly, your expected time availability over the next two years. Please also be prepared to provide the name of a reference upon request.

Kind Regards,

David Prior
Editor, H-Slavery
Assistant Professor of History, UNM