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In 2009, the French Atlantic History Group (McGill/Concordia/Université de Montréal/Université de Sherbrooke) launched a “runaway slave” database that broke new ground in the historiography of slavery and slave resistance. Centered on Saint-Domingue, it brought to life and to light a generally unknown and difficult to access corpus of runaway slave advertisements and runaway slave prison lists from the 1760s to the Haitian revolution. Now entitled “Le marronnage dans le monde atlantique: sources et trajectoires de vie”, the revised and redesigned database (available in French for the time being, in English very soon) boasts more than 20 000 documents, not only for Saint-Domingue, but also 
Jamaica, Louisiana, South Carolina, Canada, Guadeloupe, and French Guyana, covering the period 1765-1833.

For more information, contact the project leaders: Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec and Léon Robichaud, Université de Sherbrooke, j-p.leglaunec@usherbrooke.ca <mailto:j-p.leglaunec@usherbrooke.ca>and
leon.robichaud@usherbrooke.ca <mailto:leon.robichaud@usherbrooke.ca>

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