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This week in the twittersphere, 15 Minute History released a new podcast episode hosted by Joan Neuburger and featuring historian Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers. The episode, “Slave Owning Women in the Antebellum U.S. South,” explores the role of southern white women to the history of enslavement. Check it out, here:

At the blog of The Labor and Working-Class History Association, Jacob Remes interviews Aline Helg, a professor of history from the University of Geneva. Throughout the article, Helg discusses her work exploring self-liberation across the Western Hemisphere. Learn more, here:

The podcast series New Books in African American Studies published an episode this week that explores the relationships between slavery, blood purity, and citizenship in colonial Jamaica. The episode is hosted by Adam McNeil who interviews Brooke Newman regarding her work A Dark Inheritance: Blood, Race, and Sex in Colonial Jamaica. Find the episode, here:

Throughout Women’s History Month historians highlighted numerous powerful women on twitter, among them being Phyllis Wheatley. Published by Mount Vernon, Adam Meehan and J.L. Bell’s brief encyclopedic article,“Phyllis Wheatley,” details the transition of Wheatley’s life from enslavement to freedom and her legacy, including her brief correspondence with George Washington. Read more, here: