September 2017 Issue of the JCWE Is Now Available

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The September 2017 issue of The Journal of the Civil War Era is now available! It can be accessed via Project Muse and is also a membership benefit for those in the Society of Civil War Historians.

This network's members will be particularly interested in the article by Dale Kretz, titled "Pensions and Protest: Former Slaves and the Reconstructed American State" and the article by Erin Stewart Mauldin titled "Freedom, Economic Opportunity, and Ecological Change in the Cotton South, 1865-1880." There are also a number of relevant book reviews on recent scholarship by Sven Beckert and Seth Rockman, Terri L. Snyder, Randy J. Sparks, and Andrew K. Diemer (among others).

If you are interested in a brief synopsis of the excellent slate of articles in the issue, check out the editor’s note by Judy Giesberg, on our blog, Muster. Also, for each upcoming issue the table of contents is available online.

To subscribe, visit the Society of Civil War Historians website. Also, please follow us on Twitter, @JCWE1, and like our Facebook page.