Reconstruction150 Link Roundup: July 2, 2016

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Here's a really fascinating exchange between professors Patrick Rael and Allen Guelzo about the "self-emancipation" thesis and whether or not liberal capitalism was to blame for the rise of Jim Crow laws during and after Reconstruction. Definity a worthwhile read. 

Michael J. Steudeman, "The Free State of Jones and the Challenge of Reconstruction History." Patheos, June 26, 2016.

David Bernstein, Review of G. Edward White, Law in American History, Volume II, From Reconstruction Through the 1920s. Washington Post, July 1, 2016.

Meridian Magazine"Historic Freedman's Bureau Project Completed: Nearly Two Million Records of Freed Slaves and Refuges Indexed." Meridian Magazine, June 20, 2016.

(Upcoming Talk on Wednesday, July 27.) Michael D. Gorman, "'A Manner Which Would Not Have Been Permitted Towards Slaves': Race, Reconstruction, and Memory in Postwar Richmond. Virginia Historical Society