Introducing the LEGACIES blog

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Dear H-Slavery Members,

I am excited to introduce Legacies, H-Slavery's new blog on slavery and public history. More than 400 years after a slave ship brought the first enslaved Africans to colonial Virginia in 1619, more than 155 years after slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865, the history of slavery -- and how it is remembered in the public imagination -- remains a subject of controversy and contention, a flashpoint in ongoing culture wars. Sharing research about slavery and exploring innovative ways that scholars present their work to the public is as relevant and important as ever.

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to bringing you:

  • Regular updates and commentary on slavery, public memory, and public history topics in the news

  • Reflections from historians, museum professionals, and other researchers on how they practice public history

  • Interviews with scholars at all levels on new and ongoing public-facing projects related to slavery

Having worked on the Princeton & Slavery Project, an investigation into Princeton University's historical ties to the institution of slavery, since 2013, I am committed to making scholarship on slavery and its lasting legacies widely accessible to diverse audiences. As editor of this blog, I hope to contribute to that ongoing effort.

Please feel free to reach out through H-Net or Twitter @isabelawrites if you would like to share information about your projects for potential inclusion on the blog, or to propose a guest post. Early career scholars, independent scholars, and graduate students are particularly encouraged to contribute.


Best wishes,

Isabela Morales

Network Editor | H-Slavery