seafaring in the early modern period

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Dear Colleagues, I am wondering if you can point me to any sources (primary or secondary) on seafaring along the Melaka straits or broadly Southeast Asian seafaring in the early modern period. I am interested in types of ships, life on sea, crews on board ships etc, trading. I would be really grateful for your help!


Rajeshwari Dutt (Assistant Prof., IIT Mandi)

Hi Rajeshwari Dutt,

You might be interested in attending our coming lecture on the 25th about Orang Suku Laut, the sea people of Melaka straits, presented by Cynthia Chou, mentioned earlier. It's at 7pm (Jakarta time) on Zoom.
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Also, Horst Liebner as a nautical history researcher based in Makassar, he has published a lot on shipbuilding technologies of the Indonesian archipelago: